A private yacht charter in Bali is the ideal opportunity to discover one of the most breathtaking natural locations in Indonesian archipelago. Discover hidden bays, beautiful vistas, the best diving the world has to offer, intriguing new cultures, and unforgettable experiences on this archipelago of more than 17,000 islands.

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Many of the yachts in use today for sailing Indonesia archipelago. Were modeled after earlier ships that were used by Indonesian ancestors as sailors. Here are some yacht types that were followed from ancestors ships.

Type of Private Yacht Charter in Bali that Follows The Style of Ancestors Ships

The Pencalang Boat

The Pencalang is an island nation cargo ship with a long history. He was known as pantchiallang or pantjalang in the past, it means spying. Therefore, pencalang can be interpreted as a spy ship or a ship utilized for spying. The original makers of this sort of ship were Malays from Riau and the Malay Peninsula, but Javanese shipbuilders have copied their designs.

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This ship was constructed by Chinese and Javanese shipbuilders in the Rembang area around the end of the 17th century. However, this ship was a favorite choice among Balinese and Sulawesi skippers.

The Jukung Boat

Jukung, popularly known as canoe, is an Indonesian small wooden outrigger sailboat. It is a traditional fishing vessel, but in more recent times, it has also been used for “Jukung Dives,” which is the transportation of small parties of scuba divers.

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Jukung itself has three popular types:

  1. Jukung Gedhe, A large type of Jukung, used to transport 4-5 cows from Bali to Nusa Penida in Lombok island, is frequently seen on Kusamba beach.
  2. Jukung Payangan, this is a big and well-known Salompeng fishing Jukung. With a crew of 5, its length is around 15 meters. The word “payang” itself refers to a particular kind of dragged or pulled net.
  3. Jukung Polangan, the typical jukung has five seats, an outrigger support post, and a projecting back (called polangan). Gold paint and carvings may be seen on the front and back fins.

The Pinisi Boat

Indonesian sailing ships have their origins in the well-known pinisi ship. Sail boats have seven to eight sails on two towers, arranged in a manner resembling that of a small schooner. These vessels are known as “schooners” because all of their sails are “front-back” sails and are arranged on two masts along the centerline of the hull. They are also known as “keci” ships because the mast at the stern is a little shorter than the mast at the bow.

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  1. Palari is a small, early kind of pinisi hull with a curled keel. Usually controlled by the stern’s two side rudders. The engine-powered variant additionally has a steering wheel mounted behind the propeller
  2. Lambo. This hull is used by the modern Pinisi, which is still in existence today and has a diesel engine. This hull only has one center rudder, but some have two side rudders for aesthetic or functional reasons. There are lots of examples of the concept of private yacht charter in Bali.

The Sandeq Boat

Long utilized by Mandar fisherman as a means of transit between islands or out at sea, sandeq is a form of outrigger sailing boat. The boat from West Sulawesi’s Mandar. The type of Sandeq Boat:

  1. Sandeq Pangoli, this boat can quickly change course so that it can follow fish without falling foul of the reef because of its speed and agility.
  2. Sandeq Paroppo, this type of boat can survive large waves and strong winds in open sea.
  3. Sandeq Potangnga, the size of the boat is huge so that it can carry the provisions and gear required to sail the seas for two to three weeks when used to navigate the open seas
Type of Private Yacht Charter in Bali that Follows The Style of Ancestors Ships