Here’s our second part of finding job in the Land Down Under. We’ll continue where we left off. Doing your research. Browsing forums like Reddit would yield you to a wealth of information that you wouldn’t even thought before. Ask around. Post your questions or message fellow backpackers who are heading to Oz. Your effort in information-digging will pay off.

The most popular option: Fruit Picking Jobs.

One of the ones that is highest in demand, yes. Sadly, this is the type of job that you need be most wary of. Fruit picking jobs needed in numerous farms across Australia is something that is usually always in demand. However, this field of work is notorious for its exploitations on travelers.  Most of the horror stories you’ve heard of when sit comes to backpackers in Australia during their work and travel is from the fruit picking job. That is not to say that you should avoid fruit picking jobs, or even farm work altogether. This is where doing your research first will pay off.

Have your CV or resume ready before you depart 

If your goal is saving up, then having your CV or resume  printed and ready to hand out is going to rid you so much inconvenience once you arrive in Oz. you’re likely going to be tired. Possibly jet-lagged. And all in all you’re still figuring how things work around here. Don’t let the stress of having to look for printers to print your CV inconvenience you even more.

Make sure to have all of your pay slips as a proof of employment 

This is particularly important for those who are going for a second or even a third year visa in Australia. And yes, extending your work and holiday in Australia is entirely possible now for both 417 visa holders as well as for the subclass 462.

For the record, cash in hand in Australia is obviously illegal. And just to be clear, being paid in cash and getting cash-in-hand are two different things. Cash-in-hand is simply off the record. This is usually done by employers who like to avoid paying tax and superannuation (some sort of a retirement fund). And yes, even as a traveler, as long as you’re hired the legal way, you’re entitled to all these benefits provided by companies. 

The only one who would benefit from this arrangement would be the employers, with an obvious exploitation on traveler’s part. So it doesn’t matter how you’re paid. whether it’s using cash or bank transfers, you have the right to your pay slips. Don’t fall into the trap of receiving a cash-in-hand payment. 

Asking your employers for their Australian Business Number (ABN) 

While this isn’t always required, it is in your best interest to be prepared with your employers’ Australian Business Number. Make sure to ask your employers for their ABN by the end of your employment. You’ll usually get a form that they’ll need to sign. In many cases, pay slips as proof of your employment is sufficient. However, it is still highly advisable to ask for your employers’ ABN in case the immigration ask for further proof to support the application of your second year visa. Other proof you may be able to support them can be in a form of transportation receipt. Keep your tickets of when you went to the area, or print out your transport card transaction receipt. This may not replace the ABN, but having additional proof to support it would be a good idea.

Looking for Work as A Traveler in Oz Part 2: What Should You Do?