Wedding catering services is among the most important part that makes your wedding day. It’s evidently one of the most costly among wedding vendors as well. So before you go looking for wedding catering ideas and bicker with your dad what menu you should have, let’s have a read at how you you can avoid these common mistakes grooms and brides make. 

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Brides & grooms’ mistake #1: Not investing on a good wedding catering services 

Investing on a good wedding catering services doesn’t mean that you have to blow up your wallet. You can still do wedding catering on a budget – a realistic budget. And what you primarily need are two things: 

  • Research wedding caterers near you. Read reviews. Ask your fellow friends of grooms or brides. Do your homework. 
  • Be tactical about crafting your menu. While you can’t have the perfect menu that can satisfy everyone, you can have a clever menu that fulfills all of your needs and leave your guests coming home with a smile. 
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Another thing you should take note is avoid just any cheap wedding catering packages. There are of course many affordable wedding caterers out there, but settling for a caterer just because they’re cheap may just end the whole thing in tears for you. A good starting point to look for a wedding caterer is to look for restaurants that cater weddings. 

Wedding catering on a budget is not possible? Really?

Wrong. All weddings have budget. We’ve talked with numerous brides and caterers of all scales and rarely do they ever find anyone who doesn’t have a budget restriction they needed to adhere. What you need to do to cut cost is to work around with a limitation you have, and of course, work with your caterer – communicate with them. Rarely do awesome wedding catering ideas come into reality without the cooperation between the couples and the wedding vendors. 

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Wedding catering services mistake #2: dietary restriction 

Trying to cater to each and every one of dietary restrictions that exist in the world is one of the biggest mistakes that brides and grooms have made. And this seems to be quite the trend. No, you can’t hope to have all of the menu that just basically spells guilt-free meals. It’ll just drive you crazy trying to accommodate everyone and not to mention, it’ll punch a hole on your budget. 

What should you do instead? Having a vegetarian option is a must! And make sure that you have enough variations of the vegetarian menu.  

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Wedding catering mistake #3: Trying to offer too many options for your guests 

Offering way too many options to your guests will only result in your wallet draining. It’s usually best to stick to a theme or to a package and work your way around it. A lot of food variants are great, sure. More options for everyone. But if cutting the cost of your wedding planning is among your priority, then working with your limitation is how you cleverly avoid having to spend more than you’re able. 

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Assuming buffet is going to save your wedding lots of money 

Each wedding catering services is different. Some brides and grooms immediately assume that by offering a buffet menu, they’re going to save tons on their wedding catering services. This is not at all the case. Wedding catering prices differ, so make sure that you 

Each caterer has different pricing of their packages. A buffet menu might as well exceed the cost of a seated meal. Then how do you save money on a catering service? Make sure that you have a good headcount estimate. Compare them to the price of a buffet catering.

Wedding Catering Services Avoiding Menu Mistakes for Brides & Grooms