Best Scuba Diving for Beginners Guideline

Diving is an activity diving directly into the sea, in contrast to snorkeling, which can only be observed from the sea’s surface. Scuba diving is a good water sport for enjoying the beauty of the ocean’s depths. However, in order to keep this sport secure, you must be aware of beginner scuba diving guidelines. Different preparations are therefore required to ensure comfort and safety while diving.

Best Scuba Diving for Beginners

This Best Scuba Diving for Beginners Guideline

Ownership of a diving license

Scuba diving has a lot of equipment for diving, You must practice using these tools first because no equipment is required when you want to dive. But don’t worry, there are many places where you can learn scuba diving courses for beginners at the moment.

In this case, a divemasteris needed if you want to acquire the necessary skills and certifications.The divemaster will provide you with a lot of knowledge on safe diving practices. You also follow all instructions provided to ensure your safety and comfort while diving.

Listen to The Divemaster Directions

The most key element of scuba diving is listening carefully to the divemaster directions. You’ll become competent when you start spot diving as a result.

Usually, you will first receive instruction in breathing, how to enter the water with a tube, then the proper way to move your legs and arms, as well as equalization (the act of adjusting the pressure in the ear with the outside of the body). How to use the breathing apparatus after that. If you put in beginner to expert, you’ll become used to it.

Make Sure You Are Aware with The Hand Signals.

Later, in the sea, communication will be possible. As a result, another diving advice for beginners is to become familiar with the hand signs that are used to communicate when diving. 

It is important to understand and remember all of these hand signals. Because if you mistake it, there will be a misunderstanding that could put your safety underwater in danger.

  1. Thumbs up, indicating that it is being requested to rise to the surface
  2. Thumbs down, indicating to go deeper
  3. The Palms start to shake and produce waves, indicating an issue
  4. The hand drawing a horizontal line on the neck, which is a frightening sign, indicating Running out of oxygen

Reduce Air Consumption

Beginner divers first have a tendency to use and consume their air much more quickly than experienced divers. There are different variables, including stress, excessive movement, and stability issues.Stay calm and take deep, slow breaths. You’ll consume less air if you maintain slow, even breathing. You will breathe less if you swim slowly and with little movement. This is why it’s important to understand buoyancy and how much weight to carry.

Be Aware of Depth

Checking your depth and remaining tank air frequently is a recommended habit. It is simple to become distracted with all the interesting things you are seeing and lose sight of your depth.

Stay Hydrated

Do you know why drinking enough water while in the ocean is so crucial? You may not be aware of it, but you start sweating just like you do on land. Since you are already wet, you can’t see it, yet drinking water is just as important for scuba diving as it is for hiking. To minimize being dehydrated before a dive, drink a lot of water the day before and the morning of the dive.

Bring Underwater Camera

Like when you travel anywhere else, you want to capture your adventures and experiences. Moreover, the view underwater is beautiful given the variety of fish species and sea corals that surrounding coral reefs. To capture this beauty, you should pick a best scuba diving camera for beginnersThe Gopro is already great at taking photos and recordings underwater.

Well, some of these things need to be considered before diving. Because of this, diving can be safe and comfortable, and unexpected situations can be minimized.

Overcoming Difficulties in Finding The Best Talents To Hire

Running your own business doesn’t mean you should do everything by yourself. It will be too much on your plate. it may leave your business to be slowly progressed. Therefore, you need to build the solid team consisted of talents who can help you grow your business positively. Recruiting talents can be one of the most challenging stage when running your own business. Even if you have decided the roles to be filled in. It is hard to find the perfect talent. The success of your business relies heavily on its people. Thus, hiring the right talents is a must. However, overcoming the difficulty is challenging. 

Solution when facing difficulty with hiring talents

When you leave vacancies for too long, it may leave more pressure on you because your responsibilities are increased. However, rushing in recruiting talents is not wise either because you may end up choosing wrong people. What should you do when you have difficulties in finding the best and right talents to help grow your business? The main answer for this problem is to be more flexible. How?

hiring talents

Can you really afford “experience”?

You don’t have to look for seasoned talents. In fact, you can hire bright, string-motivated people even if they lack of experience. They are most likely fast learners because of their eagerness. Not to mention that hiring seasoned talents means you will have to sacrifice your budget to pay for their salary. Thus, be flexible in choosing talents. Experience is not everything you can rely on for your team to be successful. 

Remote opportunities

You can also use flexibility by offering remote opportunities to the talents you are going to hire. Keep in mind that you have technology that can make your works easier. Your workers don’t have to be in the same office as you to give impact in your business. You can offer them remote opportunities where they can work remotely while still giving their best. There are many platforms and tools you can use to conduct meeting effectively. This may not work for every position in your team. However, there are many positions that can be filled through remote works. 

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Part-time workers

If you cannot find the right talents for full-time positions, you can hire part-timers instead. There are many people out there looking for part-time works due to many reasons. For example, they want to work while still tending to their family. Or, they want to have work that allows them flexibility of hours to do other things they are passionate about. Part-timers are not less committed to their responsibility when you hire them. There are talented people out there who are ready to give their best. 

Offer benefits that still aligns with your value

It is not easy to recruit the right people and build solid team. You have to offer something talents will be interested in. It doesn’t have to be something big. You can just make sure what you offer benefits them without reducing your value. This is like win-win solution. 

Wedding Catering Services Avoiding Menu Mistakes for Brides & Grooms

Wedding catering services is among the most important part that makes your wedding day. It’s evidently one of the most costly among wedding vendors as well. So before you go looking for wedding catering ideas and bicker with your dad what menu you should have, let’s have a read at how you you can avoid these common mistakes grooms and brides make. 

wedding catering ideas

Brides & grooms’ mistake #1: Not investing on a good wedding catering services 

Investing on a good wedding catering services doesn’t mean that you have to blow up your wallet. You can still do wedding catering on a budget – a realistic budget. And what you primarily need are two things: 

  • Research wedding caterers near you. Read reviews. Ask your fellow friends of grooms or brides. Do your homework. 
  • Be tactical about crafting your menu. While you can’t have the perfect menu that can satisfy everyone, you can have a clever menu that fulfills all of your needs and leave your guests coming home with a smile. 
wedding catering services

Another thing you should take note is avoid just any cheap wedding catering packages. There are of course many affordable wedding caterers out there, but settling for a caterer just because they’re cheap may just end the whole thing in tears for you. A good starting point to look for a wedding caterer is to look for restaurants that cater weddings. 

Wedding catering on a budget is not possible? Really?

Wrong. All weddings have budget. We’ve talked with numerous brides and caterers of all scales and rarely do they ever find anyone who doesn’t have a budget restriction they needed to adhere. What you need to do to cut cost is to work around with a limitation you have, and of course, work with your caterer – communicate with them. Rarely do awesome wedding catering ideas come into reality without the cooperation between the couples and the wedding vendors. 

wedding catering prices

Wedding catering services mistake #2: dietary restriction 

Trying to cater to each and every one of dietary restrictions that exist in the world is one of the biggest mistakes that brides and grooms have made. And this seems to be quite the trend. No, you can’t hope to have all of the menu that just basically spells guilt-free meals. It’ll just drive you crazy trying to accommodate everyone and not to mention, it’ll punch a hole on your budget. 

What should you do instead? Having a vegetarian option is a must! And make sure that you have enough variations of the vegetarian menu.  

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Wedding catering mistake #3: Trying to offer too many options for your guests 

Offering way too many options to your guests will only result in your wallet draining. It’s usually best to stick to a theme or to a package and work your way around it. A lot of food variants are great, sure. More options for everyone. But if cutting the cost of your wedding planning is among your priority, then working with your limitation is how you cleverly avoid having to spend more than you’re able. 

destination wedding

Assuming buffet is going to save your wedding lots of money 

Each wedding catering services is different. Some brides and grooms immediately assume that by offering a buffet menu, they’re going to save tons on their wedding catering services. This is not at all the case. Wedding catering prices differ, so make sure that you 

Each caterer has different pricing of their packages. A buffet menu might as well exceed the cost of a seated meal. Then how do you save money on a catering service? Make sure that you have a good headcount estimate. Compare them to the price of a buffet catering.

Looking for Work as A Traveler in Oz Part 2: What Should You Do?

Here’s our second part of finding job in the Land Down Under. We’ll continue where we left off. Doing your research. Browsing forums like Reddit would yield you to a wealth of information that you wouldn’t even thought before. Ask around. Post your questions or message fellow backpackers who are heading to Oz. Your effort in information-digging will pay off.

The most popular option: Fruit Picking Jobs.

One of the ones that is highest in demand, yes. Sadly, this is the type of job that you need be most wary of. Fruit picking jobs needed in numerous farms across Australia is something that is usually always in demand. However, this field of work is notorious for its exploitations on travelers.  Most of the horror stories you’ve heard of when sit comes to backpackers in Australia during their work and travel is from the fruit picking job. That is not to say that you should avoid fruit picking jobs, or even farm work altogether. This is where doing your research first will pay off.

Have your CV or resume ready before you depart 

If your goal is saving up, then having your CV or resume  printed and ready to hand out is going to rid you so much inconvenience once you arrive in Oz. you’re likely going to be tired. Possibly jet-lagged. And all in all you’re still figuring how things work around here. Don’t let the stress of having to look for printers to print your CV inconvenience you even more.

Make sure to have all of your pay slips as a proof of employment 

This is particularly important for those who are going for a second or even a third year visa in Australia. And yes, extending your work and holiday in Australia is entirely possible now for both 417 visa holders as well as for the subclass 462.

For the record, cash in hand in Australia is obviously illegal. And just to be clear, being paid in cash and getting cash-in-hand are two different things. Cash-in-hand is simply off the record. This is usually done by employers who like to avoid paying tax and superannuation (some sort of a retirement fund). And yes, even as a traveler, as long as you’re hired the legal way, you’re entitled to all these benefits provided by companies. 

The only one who would benefit from this arrangement would be the employers, with an obvious exploitation on traveler’s part. So it doesn’t matter how you’re paid. whether it’s using cash or bank transfers, you have the right to your pay slips. Don’t fall into the trap of receiving a cash-in-hand payment. 

Asking your employers for their Australian Business Number (ABN) 

While this isn’t always required, it is in your best interest to be prepared with your employers’ Australian Business Number. Make sure to ask your employers for their ABN by the end of your employment. You’ll usually get a form that they’ll need to sign. In many cases, pay slips as proof of your employment is sufficient. However, it is still highly advisable to ask for your employers’ ABN in case the immigration ask for further proof to support the application of your second year visa. Other proof you may be able to support them can be in a form of transportation receipt. Keep your tickets of when you went to the area, or print out your transport card transaction receipt. This may not replace the ABN, but having additional proof to support it would be a good idea.

Several Tips on Finding Work as a Traveler in Australia

Defining your goals when seeking jobs as a traveler in Oz—Do you look for work to fund your year-long travel in Australia? Or is there any other objectives you have in mind for a work and holiday in Australia? Do you want to apply for a second year work and holiday visa? Your goal will determine what job you’re going to take for the year-long travel in Australia. So it’s best to think about this in advance. Allow yourself time to think and ask yourself, what do you want? 

Some travelers wanted to save up as much as possible so that you’ll be able to travel to other places like Southeast Asia, which is very close to Australia, especially when compared with other English-speaking countries. Having an idea of what you’d like to do is would only help you big time on the long run.

Your personal goals will determine what kind of jobs you’ll eventually be doing 

So take the time to assess your very own motivations when you’ve decided to go on a work and holiday visa. Note them down if necessary—and most of the time, it is. 

Have enough funds to support yourself in Australia 

Not having enough funds to support your life in Australia would only make you desperate. This would easily results in you accepting any job even though you know at the back of your mind that the arrangement with your employer is awful. 

Do your research—before you decide to apply for your visa!

Charging into a country and looking for work without knowing anything about the jobs or what kind of work is available for travelers like you would only bring you stress. So, do your research. Or your googling. Whatever you call it.

You can begin your research using these prompts

  • What kind of jobs are easiest to go by for travelers like you? 
  • How much do those jobs pay on average? 
  • If you plan to go to a certain area, what type of job is available there?

Is a second year work and holiday visa your objective? 

Today, both types of work and holiday visa are eligible for a second year work and holiday, provided that you do the specified work required by the Australian government to grant you the much sought-after second year. 

Depending on which visa you’re in, the types of work you’re eligible for will be affected. The subclass 462 visa, for instance, will allow you to work hospitality jobs, but only in the Northern Australia. Make sure to look into this more deeply if a second year visa is something you’re aiming for. 

What do you need to be on the lookout for? 

A traveler is generally someone who’s vulnerable for all sorts of exploitations from many parties. During the work and holiday scheme in particular, this is something common. I’m not saying that it’s all horrible and discourage you from finding work—what you need to do is exercise cautions, and most importantly, do your research. With that said, this post would continue to the second part that we’re going to post later on. Until then!

Work and Holiday in Australia: Part 2 of What to Do Once Arriving?

First off, set up a bank account during the first week of your arrival. The sooner you do this, the better. People who are well-informed know that you must do this within 6 weeks of your arrival. If you decide to open a bank account in Australia after 6 weeks, you’re then required to provide more proof of identifications. Those proofs include driver’s license, credit cards, and your birth certificate. Whereas if you’ve opened your bank account within that 6 weeks, you’re only required to give your passport as proof of identification.

To save yourself the hassle, make sure to open a bank account right away once you’ve arrived in Australia. If you plan on immediately looking for jobs to fund your travel, then make sure to have a bank account ready so that your employer can deposit your payment. It’s noteworthy that cash-in-hand payment is illegal in Australia. That’s not to say that the practice doesn’t exist. But it’s so much better to be careful and stick with legit employers.

preparation work holiday australia - melbourne city

How to find a more long-term accommodations in Oz?

Network with fellow travelers to find good accommodations together. Another thing you can do is browse house shares or apartment shares on Gumtree and Flatmates. Gumtree is one of the most popular websites for virtually anything. And living space is often advertised there as well. While Flatmates is a dedicated website for people offering their space as well as people looking for space. 

What SIM options you should go for?

As we’ve touched upon this topic in the first part of this post, choosing a provider would greatly depend on where you’re going. In the country. If you’re going to choose to spend a lot of time in the outbacks—the rural areas—then you’re definitely going to need the provider with the best coverage. 

If you’ve gotten Telstra because you needed to spend time in the outbacks to fulfill your 88 days of rural work, then you can move on. Especially if you’ve decided to move out of the outbacks and into the cities, you may find it in your interests to switch to a cheaper sim. This may be particularly useful for those who have a strict budget and would like to save as much time as possible.

So if you’ve gotten your second year work and holiday requirement down and now ready to explore the Australian cities, then it can be time for you to switch. The reverse also applies. If you’re going to the outbacks after some time in the city, then getting a SIM card that gives a better coverage would benefit you. 

Get a Tax File Number asap once you’ve decided to find work 

In order to fund your year-long travel, you’re going to be working. And your employers are obligated to provide your tax number to the government. If you’ve already landed a job before you get your tax number, then that means you’re going to need to give your TFN in 28 days. You will be taxed close to 50% if you don’t have your tax number ready by the time you need it. 

What to Do Once You Arrive in Australia on a Work and Holiday Visa?

Your visa has been granted. You’ve booked your tickets and possibly have even packed. A year-long holiday, you’re coming with all the nerves excitement to the Land Down Under. So what now?

If you’ve decided to go for your work and holiday visa and be on your merry way in your one year-long travel, the next thing you should do is planning. And you really do need to plan well. Because no matter how much you prided yourself on being a spontaneous traveler, coming on a long-term visa to a foreign land without any semblance of plan whatsoever often only leads to regrets.

But you’re here and that means you’ve got some sort of willingness to find out better. This post would be divided into two parts to be able to cover more details and information on each point we’re going to talk about. So, what are the stuff you need to do immediately once you arrive in Australia?

Get a SIM card that accommodates your needs 

Getting a SIM card should logically be the first thing you do once you arrive in the land down under. There are generally three most-known mobile networks in Australia. They are Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone. 

From what many backpackers have said, Telstra has the largest coverage. However, it can also get more expensive compared to the rest. Telstra is usually the provider both locals and travelers use if they’re going or living in rural areas of Australia. 

Decide whether you need a sim with a large network coverage or not. If you’re planning on getting a second year work and holiday visa, then you’ll be expected to work in rural areas with possibly little to no coverage. This is where you’re going to need a provider with a lot of coverage. However, if you only plan on staying in the cities, then you probably would not need it at all. Do your research on the smaller telecommunications companies as well because they often offer cheaper rates for their data, text, and calls overall. It may help you save on a recurring fee.  

Finding your accommodation 

if you’re on a longer term visa such as the working holiday (subclass 417 and subclass 462), then finding accommodation would not be as straightforward as when you’re in Australia simply on a visitor’s visa. How do you plan on your accommodations and find good ones? 

Booking your accommodations before you arrive in the Land Down Under

Book your accommodations online before you arrive in Australia. Have it booked for the first few days to a week of your stay in Australia. This is the best way to go about this, instead of finding accommodations only once you’ve arrived. Having a place booked and ready for you to crash in will relieve you of the added burden that you’ve already gotten on top of just arriving in a foreign land, and quite possibly, jet-lagged. 

The next part would talk about this topic in further details. How many travelers have found their accommodations, and more. We’ll also touch upon how you should open a bank account immediately once you’ve arrived in Australia.